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Full Sponsorship Program

We are currently seeking our first full sponsor.  Sponsorship is only open to certain kinds of company which can provide a sponsorship fee in cash or goods and services totaling a value not less than $6,000.

This sponsorship fee will cover a 6 month period of sponsorship.  During this period, the entire banner header section of Beijing Travel Tips can be customized to the look and feel of the current sponsor.  The only thing which must remain the same is the placement and style of the main header text.  Background images and colors can be added.  The site will appear to be "owned" by the sponsor.

The sponsor will also be able to use the text "<sponsor name> presents ... " before the Beijing Travel Tips text logo, OR "brought to you by <sponsor name>" after the Beijing Travel Tips text logo if they wish.

What kind of company are we looking for as a sponsor ?

We are currently looking at 4 main types of company.  If your business is in one of the following 4 categories and you are considering a sponsorship deal with us, feel free to contact our sales department at

Photographic equipment company

Beijing Travel Tips main aim is to provide travel information through photos.  We think we already have more photos in our site than any other Beijing guide and we are less than a year old.  We currently use Fujifilm, Canon, and Nikon pure digital equipment and it is all in need of an upgrade.  If a major photographic equipment manufacturer could sponsor the site either with cash or supplies of their latest equipment we feel this would be one of the best fits.

Computer equipment or software company

Beijing Travel Tips is a web site which is hosted and created using computers.  As we grow, we intend to use more and more of the latest hi-tech developments.  Currently we use Fujitsu laptops running Windows 2000, and Sony PalmOS PDA's to create the site.  The site is hosted on unix servers from We use Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Frontpage to build the site.  If you would like us to use your equipment or software and are willing to supply us with the very latest versions of everything we need, this would also be a great fit.  In particular, we are currently looking to do software for Windows CE compliant PDAs, so equipping us with some of those would be most useful.

Major travel company

A travel company sponsor would probably have lots of sellable products such as tours, hotel rooms, package deals but not too much information about the particular city in which all their products are based.  By sponsoring Beijing Travel Tips they can instantly give their customers a full preview of the time to be had in Beijing before they even step on the plane.

Credit card company

Credit cards are becoming more and more accepted in Beijing.  Every foreign tourist coming to Beijing will be able to use their credit cards in major banks and stores.  Beijing Travel Tips already notifies our customers of "credit card friendly" venues.

If you represent a company like the ones mentioned above and are interested in sponsoring Beijing Travel Tips for the next 6 months please email the Beijing Travel Tips sales department now at  (  Include in your email the following information:

  • Your name, telephone number and email address

  • The name and nature of the business which you represent.

This sponsorship will be on a first-come first-served basis, so if you don't sponsor us now you won't have the opportunity again for the next 6 months, and by then, the price could well be much, much more.   Click here !


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